Me & Charles 15, Jamie 13, Jaelynn 11, did family #ViCommit.I lost 10#, my kids got more active, we took our vitamins & used Vi. products

Our Story:

Custom kit, 2 Vi-shake mix. 2 Vi-defy, 2 Vi-Gummies, 1 Vi-pak. 2 cases of Neon, Vi-bites & Vi-Nutra Bars, lemon Neuro & Vi-Crunch. Our goals were for the kids to be more active, crunches, B-ball, push-ups & they were. We all stayed away from soda, had our Vitamins together & the kids even shared Vi-shakes & other favorites. Mission accomplished on all the above. I focused on losing 20 pounds but lost only 10. I did great w/ drinking my shakes but struggled w/ picking other healthy meals & options. I will continue to work on my goals daily. Jaelynn, 11, forgot & bought a soda from vending machine at school & gave it away after remembering her goal. We all have more energy, feel better, have better focus, memory, concentration, less AD/HD we’re all easier to wake up & happier. I’m having better days & my sleep’s improved most days. Still have some bad days but Vi is tremendous asset: shakes, Vi-Pak, Vi-Defy, NEON, My blood sugar & B.P. is lower more often.  Vi is a life saver!  #Vi4life


We’re sending our Vi Cares Global Giving Day donation to Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation.

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