My Vi Story:

I started promoting the challenge my second year of college at age 19. I was a full time student, competitive cheerleader, taught cheer camps around the country during the summers, and worked part time at a tax office. They say busy people are more successful and that’s why I believe I was able to qualify for my Vi Drive free BMW in just 2.5 months and start earning $1500/month in my part time. I fell in love with the Vi products and the challenge to get better physically and mentally every 90 days! My family has lost over 100lbs and gained over 20lbs of lean muscle. We have also earned $300-500 worth of meals, drinks, and supplements every month for the past 5 years! We have helped 100’s of people get healthy and earn free products as well as 100’s of people make any where from 100 to several thousand dollars per month in additional income. The best part is that my family and customers have donated 1000s of healthy meals to children in need in our community thanks to ViSalus! #Vi4Life