My Vi Story:

Right before getting started with Vi I had lost my income overnight from another home business that went out of business after less then 2 years. I was a single father with 4 kids with no house, no car, riding around on my bicycle. I was not going to do ViSalus until I flew to a National Success Training where it all made sense. I borrowed the money to get started as a promoter, made the money back in 2 days qualified for my car within 30 days and went on to make a six figure income as an Ambassador in 8 months. I have sense then changed thousands of lives with health and others finances 6yrs+. Vi has changed my life I built 23lbs of muscle, went on to make great friends and create life experiences and recently married my now wife Rachel who just gave birth to our son. This has changed our lives we are stay at home parents and it’s all because we made a decision to take action and not waiver. We have stayed the course and have made close to a million dollars. Change your life Start NOW