My Vi Story:

4 years ago our Vi journey began. Before Vi I was working in a job I was great at but didn’t love. I was barely seeing my family, teaching 14 fitness classes a week and giving nutritional and health advice to friends and clients for free! I was tired of that life and knew I was meant for more. I was meant to help MORE people than I was in a small gym setting and was eager to be a role model my kids looked up to and a more loving wife. After 2 years of NO I finally said YES to a industry that forever change my life. Because of Vi, I was able to walk away from corporate world just 5 months in. I am able to now stay home with both my kids and teach fitness classes for fun. I have become a better mom, am more grateful for my life and the people in it. I have learned to leverage my time. We have earned 35k in free groceries, drive 2 free BMWs and have made over 200k In earnings. We are forever thankful for this company, its leaders and the transformations we have been a part of!