My Vi Story:

I started My first Challenge 2 1/2 years ago! I was outta shape, tired, and had a beer belly! My wife Challenged me to build 10 lbs !! I decided to loose first and then to build! I started at 194 Dropped 20 lbs to land at 174! I got back in the gym started to build from there! Several months went by and I started a new Challenge called the Vicommit to build 10 more lbs! I started at 188 and finished at 202 lbs. I continue to live the Vi Life taking my two Shakes a day, Vi Pak and NEON!  My goal is to keep slowly building to my goal weight of 220!  I am a Vi Lifer! My wife and I love VI and we promote  to all that will listen helping us achieve  Executive Directors !!