My Vi Story:

I am a former high school science teacher/coach and stay at home mom of three.  My diagnosis of stage four peritoneal cancer in 2007 changed the focus of my life. With low expectations to survive, I fought through chemo and several surgeries, focusing on being there for my young children and spouse, but also fighting for the life I had not yet lived for MYSELF. I KNEW there was something else I was supposed to be a part of that was important.  In 2010, I met Nick Sarnicola and learned of the mission of Vi to fight obesity, particularly childhood obesity, and I connected immediately. I could help change the path of others by helping with health goals, life goals and prosperity goals. I have been in remission for almost ten years.  I live everyday trying to help others. I am blessed to be here to watch my children grow AND to be able to do something that makes me proud.  I am in control of my time.  I am a Vi-Life Promotor.