My Vi Story:

Before the challenge I was sick and tired of being tired and fat! So I got started and I lost 17 pounds and 17 inches and went from an 18 to a 12 on my first 90 day challenge. From there, I went on to trim and tone.  I bought a gym membership and actually used it for the first time ever!  My parents lost over 100 pounds between them and I was hooked!  I started promoting the challenge as a part time spare time deal.  Within 110 days I actually earned my paid for by Vi BMW 335i Twin Turbo and was 100% hooked!  I saw the vision that there was more to life than going to work and paying bills!  Now I am proud to say that I am a National Director Equity Shareholder and I get to raise both of my kids myself and be there for them during this crucial time!  Plus, I get paid for helping others do what I have done!  There is nothing in this world better than having someone tell you because of you, their life is so much better!  Thank you Vi for this amazing opportunity!