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Founded in 2017, Challenge Pro™ is a revolutionary new platform exclusively built for personal trainers that leverages social media, marketing tools, innovative technology and health/fitness expertise to brand, promote and grow their business on a massive scale.

Built on a Legacy of Industry Expertise and Experience

Capitalizing on the projected mass growth of North America’s fitness professional businesses (more than half a million and counting!), Challenge Pro was conceived by the industry innovators and disruptors of the world’s #1 Challenge Champion platform.

As internationally recognized entrepreneurs and our company’s Founders, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen lead our executive team, which has a combined total of 80+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry and has worked directly with thousands of trainers and gyms. We’re proud that our leaders pioneered a global social media marketing platform and nutritious product line that created 3 million weight-loss/fitness transformations and built a $2 billion brand.

Affordable Ready-Made Marketing and Management Platform

We know that as personal trainers you have an inspiring amount of physical transformations – and so we developed Challenge Pro to keep you laser focused on helping clients with fitness and nutrition. On your Challenge Pro team will be our ‘pros’ in brand marketing, sales, technology, support and social media. A true win-win.

Challenge Pro members receive instant access to solutions that help them do everything from creating/promoting their online brand, building client prospects and celebrating transformation stories, to managing back-office activities, receiving entrepreneurship training, leveraging the fitness community and generating various income streams.

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We Believe…

We believe that the fitness industry has traditionally been behind the times when it comes to social marketing and business growth tools. We’re now changing that.

We believe in equipping every personal trainer in the fitness industry, whether a sole proprietor or an owner of gym chains, with all the tools, tech, community and support to continue transforming lives while building brands and businesses.

So, let’s leverage Challenge Pro and impact lives together.

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