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Help Defy Free Radicals.

Did you know that, every second, there are about two hundred thousand free radical attacks against each and every cell of your body? On a daily basis, our bodies are affected by trillions of harmful free radicals. Now, you can fight free radicals and the effects they have on your body.

Featuring eight superfruits from around the world, Vi-Defy packs a powerful punch! Fortify your body with a super powerful, super antioxidant, superfruit drink mix that helps to fight free radicals and support the maintenance of good health!

What’s more, Vi-Defy is low calorie, has no caffeine and tastes amazing! It’s available in a refreshing Berry Blast flavour and conveniently packaged in 12 single-serving stick packs. Fight the good fight and take it with you wherever you go.

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8 Powerful Superfruits

Get to know the free-radical fighting superfruit extracts found in Vi-Defy:


Native to the Brazilian rainforest; antioxidant nutrients in the fruit can help to protect your body from free radicals.


One of the earliest cultivated fruits; it contains four different polyphenols, including the unique and powerful antioxidant punicalagin.

Maqui Berry

Native to the Chilean rainforest; its polyphenols help to support the body’s natural defenses.


Native to Madagascar; it is the only fruit in the world that dries on the branch and produces a natural, nutrient-dense, superfood powder.

Grape Seed

Contains high levels of bioflavonoids.

Indian Gooseberry

Native to India and the Middle East; Vi-Defy uses Capros® Extract—a patented and clinically tested form of Indian gooseberry.


One of the most cultivated and consumed fruits in the world; it provides many beneficial nutrients, including phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Black Currant

Native to central and northern Europe and Siberia; antioxidant nutrients in the fruit help to combat free radicals.

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Why fight free radicals?

Because they can damage the way you look, feel and think!



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