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Set Goals
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Set Your Goals

Challenge Goals

Both personal and family Challenge goals.

Income Goals

For the next 6-12 months.

For the next 3-5 years.

Time Goals

How many hours each week?

Define Your...

What’s your WHY?

What’s your Dream?

Your First 30 Days



Enroll 3 EPS, or 3 Customers (500 QV) in a month & earn a BONUS! Achieve in 1st or 2nd week to earn more!

Successful entrepreneurs are self starters! Share goals with your upline leaders. *Watch Why, Dream, Crusade, Goals
Watch Now



Post your Challenge Goal with a personal photo or video on social media.

EXAMPLE: “My family & I just accepted The Vi Family Challenge! Our goal is to __________ . #ViLife #ViFamily”


Follow Vi Corporate, Founders, Upline Leaders, & join team Facebook Groups.

Connect With Vi Co-Founders on Social
Share your Challenge updates frequently using #ViLife #ViFamily


Make Your List

prospectorWho are the first 25 people you want to invite?  People who are…

  • Local
  • Looking to lose weight
  • Health-conscious
  • Influential
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Most Important to you

PRO TIP: The larger the list, the more confidence you’ll have.  Download Vi-Net Pro Mobile and use Prospector to build your HOT List.
Go to Vi-Net Mobile
Go to Vi-Net Mobile
Memory Jogger






TOOL (5-10 minutes)

Share at least 2 Tools (one of them must be your website!) before inviting.


Photo / Video

Cards / Brochures

Challenge Groups

logo_vinetpro_black ONLY!

PLUS Your website


Don’t know your user name?
Use results.vi.com

Example Conversation:

1st Exchange — 1st Tool

Hey, I just found out about the Vi Family Challenge. Our goal is to (_______). You have to check it out! (Share Tool 1)

2nd  Exchange — Website

Are you open to getting more info? Ok, go to (your website) and watch the short video.

If they have questions:

Sounds like you’re looking for more info? Great, check this out (promote next step.)
Great question. If I can get ahold of the person who’s helping me, could you talk with them for a few mins?
PRO TIP: People like to see something at least 3 times before buying. Sort, don’t sell. Less is more. Be excited, but stay normal!
See Prospector Media Library for list of Video/Photo tools. Get tools & gear at the ViStore!
Go to Prospector in Vi-Net Mobile
Go to Prospector in Vi-Net Mobile

INVITE (3-5 minutes)

After they have reviewed tools and website, follow up with an in person or phone conversation to invite them to a presentation.


Example Conversation:

Invite should be In-person or a Phone call!

3rd Exchange — Invite to Presentation

What did you like best?
Great, are you open to learning more?
We’re getting together at…(Invite to party). Can I count on you to be there?

If they have questions:

Sounds like you’re looking for more info?
We’re getting together at…(Invite to party). Can I count on you to be there?
A personal conversation increases importance. Use “T.I.P. Tracker” and Vi-Net Mobile Prospector to stay organized. Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up!
Download TIP Tracker

PRESENT (30-45 minutes)

Types of effective presentations:

Personal Party

Personal Party

Check In
For Vi Points!

If they’re out of town, or dont make Personal Party

Virtual Party

Virtual Party

Group Party

Group Party

1 or 2 -on-1

3-Way Call

3-Way Call

Visit overview.vi.com for presentation video or slides. Use a 3rd Party Expert to Open, Present, or Close Out your presentation!


Book Your Party

calendar page
Schedule your personal Challenge Party within the next 7 days.

Schedule a Challenge Hour with your upline within the next 24 hrs to help apply these steps and ensure a successful party!

Do not leave without scheduling your next steps!

How to Host a Party

Grab These Resources:


  • Set Date & Time (in your home!)
  • Make sure all guests have seen 2 Tools
  • Have product samples, blender and serving supplies
  • Print Party Documents
  • Test Video
  • Have Upbeat Music!


  • Sample Products (15 mins)
  • Intro (5 mins)
  • Play Presentation Video (or Live) (20–30 mins)
  • Share Stories (10 mins)
  • Close out (5 mins)
  • Have FUN!!!


  • Sort room into1,2,or 3
  • Help everyone “Check in”
  • Hand out applications.
  • Go through Getting Started Training with 2’s & 3’s
  • Complete GST Action Items

If they don’t make the party:

Take the party to them!
Schedule a  2- or 1-on-1 or 3 way call.


If they’re out of town:

Invite to a Virtual Party, local Group Challenge Party,
or watch the video at overview.vi.com



Register for Upcoming Events

Be a good teacher, and a better student!
Register Today



Vi ID#
Vi-Net Log-in
Personal Website URLs
Sponsor & Upline contact info

Business Support Info:

M-F,10am –7pm EST
Live Chat in Vi-Net



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Log in at ViNet.vi.com & Vi-Net Pro Mobile App

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Log in at VET.vi.com
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Install These Apps at mobile.vi.com

icon_vipad_vinet_app Vi-Net Pro
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Add Vision Call & Team Calls to calendar:

Every Monday 7 pm PST/10 pm EST visal.us/visioncallzoom

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