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Set Goals
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
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Plug In!

Getting Started Training

5 Steps to Director

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Set Your Goals

Challenge Goals

Both personal and family Challenge goals.

Income Goals

For the next 6-12 months.

For the next 3-5 years.

Time Goals

How many hours each week?

Define Your...

What’s your WHY?

What’s your Dream?

Your First 30 Days

Rising Star Rewards!

Go Rising Star and qualify for $500 Rising Star Event Bonus! And unlock Double Fast Starts, Lifetime Challenge Bonus, & more!

Successful entrepreneurs are self starters! Share goals with your upline leaders. *Watch Why, Dream, Crusade, Goals
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Post your Challenge Goal with a personal photo or video on social media.

EXAMPLE: “My family & I just accepted The Vi Family Challenge! Our goal is to __________ . #ViLife #ViFamily”


Follow Vi Corporate, Founders, Upline Leaders, & join team Facebook Groups.

Connect With Vi Co-Founders on Social
Share your Challenge updates frequently using #ViLife #ViFamily


Make Your List

prospectorWho are the first 25 people you want to invite?  People who are…

  • Local
  • Looking to lose weight
  • Health-conscious
  • Influential
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Most Important to you
PRO TIP: The larger the list, the more confidence you’ll have.  Download Vi-Net Pro Mobile and use Prospector to build your HOT List.
Go to Vi-Net Mobile
Go to Vi-Net Mobile
Memory Jogger






TOOL (5-10 minutes)

Share at least 2 Tools (one of them must be your website!) before inviting.


Photo / Video

Cards / Brochures

Challenge Groups

logo_vinetpro_black ONLY!

PLUS Your website


Don’t know your user name?
Use results.vi.com

Example Conversation:

1st Exchange — 1st Tool

Hey, I just found out about the Vi Family Challenge. Our goal is to (_______). You have to check it out! (Share Tool 1)

2nd  Exchange — Website

Are you open to getting more info? Ok, go to (your website) and watch the short video.

If they have questions:

Sounds like you’re looking for more info? Great, check this out (promote next step.)
Great question. If I can get ahold of the person who’s helping me, could you talk with them for a few mins?
PRO TIP: People like to see something at least 3 times before buying. Sort, don’t sell. Less is more. Be excited, but stay normal!
See Prospector Media Library for list of Video/Photo tools. Get tools & gear at the ViStore!
Go to Prospector in Vi-Net Mobile
Go to Prospector in Vi-Net Mobile

INVITE (3-5 minutes)

After they have reviewed tools and website, follow up with an in person or phone conversation to invite them to a presentation.


Example Conversation:

Invite should be In-person or a Phone call!

3rd Exchange — Invite to Presentation

What did you like best?
Great, are you open to learning more?
We’re getting together at…(Invite to party). Can I count on you to be there?

If they have questions:

Sounds like you’re looking for more info?
We’re getting together at…(Invite to party). Can I count on you to be there?
A personal conversation increases importance. Use “T.I.P. Tracker” and Vi-Net Mobile Prospector to stay organized. Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up!
Download TIP Tracker

PRESENT (30-45 minutes)

Types of effective presentations:

Personal Party

Personal Party

Check In
For Vi Points!

Get your host code at checkin.vi.com

If they’re out of town, or dont make Personal Party

Virtual Party

Virtual Party

Group Party

Group Party

1 or 2 -on-1

3-Way Call

3-Way Call

Visit overview.vi.com for presentation video or slides. Use a 3rd Party Expert to Open, Present, or Close Out your presentation!


Book Your Party
calendar page
Schedule your personal Challenge Party within the next 7 days.

Schedule a Challenge Hour with your upline within the next 24 hrs to help apply these steps and ensure a successful party!

Do not leave without scheduling your next steps!

How to Host a Party

Grab These Resources:


  • Set Date & Time (in your home!)
  • Make sure all guests have seen 2 Tools
  • Have product samples, blender and serving supplies
  • Print Party Documents
  • Test Video
  • Have Upbeat Music!


  • Sample Products (15 mins)
  • Intro (5 mins)
  • Play Presentation Video (or Live) (20–30 mins)
  • Share Stories (10 mins)
  • Close out (5 mins)
  • Have FUN!!!


  • Sort room into1,2,or 3
  • Help everyone “Check in”
  • Hand out applications.
  • Go through Getting Started Training with 2’s & 3’s
  • Complete GST Action Items

If they don’t make the party:

Take the party to them!
Schedule a  2- or 1-on-1 or 3 way call.


If they’re out of town:

Invite to a Virtual Party, local Group Challenge Party,
or watch the video at overview.vi.com



Register for Upcoming Events

Be a good teacher, and a better student!
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Sponsor & Upline contact info

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