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Learn Why Millions Have Already Accepted the 90-Day Challenge

We believe in the magic formula, not a “magic pill” to lose weight, get healthy and feel great. It’s why Body by Vi is all about the 70% nutrition / 30% exercise rule. Through our 90-Day Challenge platform, we’ve made it easy to use the right program with the right products to support your health goals while earning cash, prizes and experiences along the way!

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Product Name

Proin facilisis varius nunc. Curabitur eros risus.

Product Name

Proin facilisis varius nunc. Curabitur eros risus.

Win Cash and Prizes for Completing a 90-Day Challenge

Take the 90-Day Challenge for a chance to earn the coveted “Challenge Champion” title and win thousands in cash and prizes! Just complete a 90-Day weight-loss or fitness goal and then enter to win! We’ll give you all the best products, programs, tools, resources and support to become the healthiest version of yourself – 90 days at a time.

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Nutritious Meals, Drinks, Snacks & Supplements

The road to a healthy lifestyle starts with being smart about what you eat. That’s why we’ve designed a complete product line of healthy meals, drinks, snacks & supplements that offer affordable, convenient and delicious nutrition for any weight-loss or fitness goal. Simply select a Challenge Kit or choose à la carte… and we’ll ship the products directly to your doorstep along with a 90-Day Money-Back Results Guarantee!

Three For FREE and Vi Points

Nutrition and weight-loss are even more rewarding with our 3 For FREE and Vi Points programs. Refer 3 and earn your next Challenge Kit for FREE!

Real People, Real Results.

At Body by Vi, we celebrate transformation stories of real people with real results. Here are their stories…

“Challenge Pro gives thousands of fitness professionals affordable access to tools to market and run their business; finally, there’s a system that is ready-made for trainers.”

Dolvett Quince

Celebrity Trainer,
NY Times Bestselling Author

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