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About Us

Our Brand Story

We’re the innovators of Challenge Marketing. We did it first. And we continue to do it best. It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, to all the Challenge-marketing knockoffs today, we thank you. We appreciate the praise and the follow. It just makes us even more determined and more focused on making sure we continue delivering the best products through the best programs to millions of people.

It’s what we’ve always done, and what we’ll always do.

Life, Health and Prosperity

Body by Vi is a global healthy lifestyle brand committed to transforming Life, Health and Prosperity around the world. Our 90-Day Challenge (“The Challenge”) is a boldly simple and proven platform that inspires effective, fun, affordable, safe and lifelong transformations. Millions of transformations, in fact. This has led to stories like the dad whose weight-loss let him ride a rollercoaster for the first time. And the teenage girl who improved her health and overcame bullying. And the man who lost 185 lbs. and won a new chance of life. And so many more …

Challenge Accepted

Over 10 years ago, our Founders accepted The Challenge to start a movement to empower people to become the healthiest version of themselves. Today, built on a legacy of industry expertise and experience, the Body by Vi brand has already:

  • Pioneered and launched the #1 Challenge marketing platform in North America
  • Created more than 3 million (and counting) weight-loss and fitness transformations
  • Evolved from a local startup to a global company earning $2 billion in cumulative revenue
  • Sold ½ billion units of its latest blockbuster product launch to become #1 in the category
  • Expanded to 15+ countries and is rapidly increasing its worldwide footprint
  • Developed a complete and nutritious product line (drinks, food, snacks & supplements), with top rankings in select product categories
  • Created over 50 millionaires and 1,000 six-figure income earners
  • Donated more than 5 million meals to children
  • Received various industry awards, and patents in technology innovation and development

And we’re just getting started!

Global Mission

We’re on a Mission to transform Life, Health and Prosperity around the world, 90 days at a time. We believe in creating meaningful connections, physical transformations and entrepreneurial freedom in the endless pursuit of our global vision: to become the world’s most trusted and recognized healthy lifestyle brand. This Mission is brought to life through Body by Vi’s 90-Day Challenge platform and a passionate community of Challenge Promoters.

15 Countries
3,000,000 Transformations
½ Billion Shakes Served

Built On Three Founding Pillars

We believe a house built on rock will stand the test of time. It’s why we built this company on three founding pillars, which inspire our Mission and continually ground us in what truly matters: helping others daily improve their Life, Health & Prosperity.


Creating meaningful connections through the power of community, relationships, experiences and environment


Creating physical transformations through the right products, programs, tools, resources and support


Creating financial transformations through entrepreneurship, leadership, personal development and contribution

Community & Culture

You’ll hear us talk a LOT about our Body by Vi Community — our Customers, Promoters and Employees around the world who are passionate about transforming themselves and others.

Our six core values drive everything we do as a company and as a community, for we know it’s important to always lead with authenticity, integrity and transparency. And so we stand strongly and consistently behind these values and Vi-ISMS, as they motivate us to always live and promote The Challenge lifestyle.

View all our Vi-Values and ISMs.

Giving Back

We believe we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves. Through our ViCares program, whenever you donate meals to people in need, we will match each donation meal for meal. Also, for every 90-Day goal completed, we’ll donate 90 days of meals, drinks and snacks to deserving children and families.

To date, we’ve already donated more than 500 million meals!

Legacy of Leadership:
Meet the Founders

As internationally recognized entrepreneurs and industry disrupters, our company’s Founders Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen evolved an idea into a household name. They’re the forces that drive every major decision, effort and undertaking to continually elevate and expand the Body by Vi brand. As life enthusiasts, social cause advocates and doting dads, they know the value of living life to its fullest – and make sure to pay it forward to the next generation

Nick Sarnicola

CEO & Co-Founder

Nick Sarnicola is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist, with over 20 years of experience in building successful companies, sales teams and programs worldwide. As CEO, Nick oversees the company’s global strategic direction and organizational structure, and is responsible for growing the company, strengthening the brand and ensuring its sustainability. Passionate about tapping into and leveraging the unlimited potential of entrepreneurship, Nick has travelled to every corner of the world helping hundreds of thousands of people become entrepreneurs, pursue their passions and earn millions of dollars. Nick and his wife, Ashley founded the Sarnicola Foundation to support young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Blake Mallen

President & Co-Founder

Blake Mallen is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Marketing Maven with nearly two decades of experience in launching mass-consumer products, pioneering groundbreaking marketing strategies, and building billion-dollar global brands. As President, Blake oversees the company’s international expansion and brand growth strategies, while leading the marketing, sales and operational teams. As a surfer, adventurer and advocate of healthy living, Blake lives what he sells. He is passionate about helping others reach their full potential, and is an internationally-recognized Thought Leader on the topics of disruptive marketing, brand building, organizational culture, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal growth.

World-Class Executive Team

To build a world-class brand, it takes a Rockstar team of industry experts who share our vision, believe in the mission and personify integrity, passion and perseverance.

Todd A. Goergen

Chief Strategy Officer

Managing Partner of Ropart Asset Management, previously Director of M&A at Blyth and M&A banker at DLJ.

Rick Hrdlicka

Chief Financial Officer

Previously Senior Executive and Shareholder at several privately owned entities; Lifestyle Lift, CleanFUEL USA, and NorthPointe; Divisional President at a publicly traded Noble International.

Aldo Moreno

Chief Operating Officer

This is a blurb about this person.


Adam Morgan

Chief Legal Officer

Previously VP, General Counsel & Business Development Dyadic International, Inc., President & COO for Advance Publishers, L.C., VP of New Business Development, and VP – Legal Affairs and Assistant General Counsel Rexall Sundown, Inc.


Joshua Taurek

Chief Technology Officer

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Ready to transform your life?