You Are
What You Eat

Enjoy a complete menu of nutritious and delicious meals, drinks, snacks and supplements

Challenge Kits

Balance Kit

Make losing weight taste great!

Shape Kit

Kick-start your road to weight loss and lean muscle!†

Transformation Kit

Maximize your Challenge!


Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix

The Shake Mix That Tastes Like a Cake Mix

Vi-Shape Superfood Shake Mix

The perfect meal in every glass

Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins

Mix It Up!


NEON Energy Drink

Finally, an energy drink with good taste!

NEON Organic Energy Drink

Finally, an organic energy drink with good taste!

ViSalus NEURO®

Smart Energy that lasts

ViSalus GO®

Fuel Your Body with Instant Energy

ViSalus PRO®

Fuel Your Day with Sustained Energy


Help defy the signs of aging.†



A great-tasting snack packed with nutrition

Vi Bites

Bite-sized nutrition to help support your Challenge goals


A gluten-free source of protein, fiber, fruit and vegetable nutrients

Vi Crunch® Fusions

A fusion of flavor, crunch and nutrition!



Nutritional Support to Help Fight the Signs of Aging†

Omega Vitals

Healthy Essential Oils for Head-to-Toe Omega Benefits†


Awaken Your Metabolism!†


Take Hold of Your Hunger†

Vi Kids

A healthy family starts here

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