This perk actually adds support for all field-based merge tags to the “Default Value” field setting (and “Content” setting for HTML fields). In addition to providing the ability to preview the entire submission, this perk can also be used to populate data entered on previous pages of the form to latter pages of the form.

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Body by Vi Promoter Incentives

Live it. Love it. Promote it.
And earn Rewards.

Get PAID to Promote The Challenge

Become a Body by Vi Promoter and turn a healthy lifestyle into a lucrative business. Just by sharing The Challenge with others, you can earn residual income – spare time, part time or full time! Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Body by Vi Promoters have supported our mission to transform people’s Life, Health and Prosperity every single day.

Promote the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge on your own time, your own terms, from any place in the world. There’s no boss. No cubicle. No vacation requests. No interoffice memo. There’s just the freedom, the opportunity, the financial incentives and the strong sense of purpose that come along with entrepreneurship.

Find out why we offer one of the best compensation plans in the industry.

From Rock Star to Rising Star

Whether you’re starting or completing a Challenge transformation, you’re already a bona fide Rock Star. So, we’ve put in a place a program that will catapult you to early success and Rising Star status. This means that if you reach Rising Star in your first 30 days, you’ll unlock an exciting new level of rewards, including eligibility to earn the Lifetime Challenge Bonus.

Jump in the Front Seat of our Vi Drive Luxury Car Club

We offer the industry’s most exciting, most attainable auto incentive program. Promoters who reach the Regional Director rank (or above) can join our exclusive Vi Drive Luxury Car Club, a bonus program that covers the monthly cost of any number of Vi Drive dream cars – from BMW, Mercedes and Lexus, to Audi, Land Rover, Porsche, Tesla and more! Already more than 20,000 Promoters have qualified for their luxury car … will you be next?

Rank Rewards

We offer rewards at all levels. Your success is as big as your goal, whether you are a part- or full-time Body by Vi Promoter. Depending on your earned rank, you’ll receive thousands of dollars in bonuses. Those who reach the Ambassador ranks will enjoy bonuses from $25,000 to $1million. Beyond that, the stars are within reach. So, take The Challenge. Share it with others. Travel the world. Help people transform their health. And get paid for it.

Want to turn your passion into a profession?

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