My Vi Story

Creating Stories of Life, Health, and Prosperity

At Vi, our company mission is to transform Life, Health, and Prosperity around the world. Every time somebody creates a lasting Life memory, achieves an inspiring Health transformation, or experiences a new level of Prosperity, a new story is born.

We crated this platform to help share these stories with the world, so that the positive impact of our community can be felt on an even larger scale.

Follow the steps below if you would like to share a #MyViStory, and take a moment to discover somebody’s story in the gallery below.

How to submit your story

  1. Record a short 2-3-minute video sharing your Vi story. You can include where you were before you discovered Vi, and how your Life, Health, or Prosperity has been impacted since.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube with #MyViStory, and share it on your Social Media also using #MyViStory
  3. Submit your story
Submit Your Story