We exercised together more consistently than ever before in our lives.

Our Story:

Last January The Johnson’s accepted the Vi Family Challenge. We joined a gym and while health & exercise have always been a priority in our family, we are in our 50s and 70s!! And we’ve been more consistent to exercise than ever before in our lives and it’s been great fun!!
We always have 2 scoops Vi Classic Shake with a scoop of Superfood Shake for breakfast, a shake for recovery and often before bed to sleep better. Our favorite pre-workouts are GO & Neuro & Neon so we always have the energy to exercise. Our favorite snacks are Fiesta Nut Vi Bites & Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. We never leave the house without a Nutra Cookie, Nutra Bar and one of our healthy energy drinks.
We are always on the go. It’s hard to find a healthy option when you’re on the run – don’t know what we’d do without the great Vi menu of yummy meal replacements, healthy energy & snacks!! Thankful the Family Challenge gives us a strong nutritional foundation and saves us time and money!!

We’re sending our Vi Cares Global Giving Day donation to Weld Food Bank.

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