My health wasn’t good as I suffered from severe migraines, had frequent asthma attacks & major other health issues. I am a divorced, single mom with 3 kids & had no energy. I wasn’t eating as healthy as I should have until I thought I should.

I started the Challenge in mid Nov 2011, After a week and half later- my migraines went away. I noticed I had energy? wasn’t craving junk food.

It took a few months for me to get off my crohns, colitis, asthma &  allergies medications. I no longer had to carry an EpiPen. I could run around the block with my kids, & not hyperventilate. I was drinking more water, eating healthier, I could workout & feel energized.  Within a few years, in Nov 2015; I also was no longer taking my hypothyroidism medication either.  Since then I have had another full physical in Feb 2017 & all things are normal.

I recommend Vi for anyone looking for health improvement & entrepreneur as this helped me help others into doing it too.