My Vi Story:

I was looking to lose weight in 2013 after going through invetro and miscarriage.  Did some research and found Nick Sarnicola, who went to the same highschool I did, with this ViSalus stuff advertised all over his facebook.  I found a fellow graduate who was a promoter and immediately jumped on board.  I didn’t hit Rising Star so I started to just give up.  Steve Lankfer was just getting involved with business at the time and told me he would contact me in a year to see if I was interested in joining the business again.  One turned into two but in January he called me and said this was a pivotal time to return.  I did and with him and my upline’s help, I hit Rising Star.  I absolutely love this company and it’s values, support and energy.  The mission to help kids and families lose weight, get healthy and happy is immensely satisfying.