My Vi Story:

I’ve struggled with weight issues all of my life. About 7 yrs or so ago I found out I only had 1 kidney and it wasn’t working well. I made minor diet changes which helped slightly but did not stabilize me or improve my issues either. Fast forward to late Dec 2015. I just received another set of bad labs.  I decided that was it and I was done with the health rollercoaster!! I contacted my good friend Bobbi Anania and told her I was finally ready to make a change. You see she and I had talked about a year and 3 months prior and I made every excuse in the book about why I couldn’t. Now I was at a point where I had no options but to get my life and health under control if I wanted to live!! Not only did I change my health by losing 55lbs and going down 8 sizes; Vi gave me back my self confidence, my self esteem and reminded me of who I really am and what purpose I’m here for. I owe my life to Vi and am so blessed that I get to be a part of this amazing culture and family!!