How can I stick to the program? Will I be hungry? Will I feel satisfied?

These were just a few of the questions swirling through Francesca’s mind when her sister introduced her to the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge. Having spent five years in solitude with very little physical activity, it’s understandable why Francesca was so apprehensive about taking on a new Challenge.

“The last five years have been very heavy—both emotionally and psychologically. I experienced the death of my father and a sudden job change that forced me to start my life from scratch.”

These two life-altering events took a serious toll on her overall well-being. She isolated herself and coped with her pain by seeking comfort in food. She says, “Food was the prize that made me feel better in my saddest moments. I didn’t even realize it, but my weight eventually hit 178lbs. I was ashamed of myself. I had no goals.”

Proceeding with Caution

Francesca didn’t immediately hop on board when her sister introduced her to the Vi lifestyle. She states, “My sister told me all about how Vi helped her regain her energy and heightened her well-being…but I was mistrustful.” She didn’t accept her sister’s invitation to join the Challenge. However, as the weeks went on and Francesca saw her sister’s energy and vitality, she was inspired to join! She says, “I decided to join the Challenge after seeing how my sister’s life changed and watching the live testimonies of other Challenge participants.  I believe it’s never too late to make a change. I knew I could do it with the support and love of my family. I also knew it was important not to judge myself too harshly about what the final outcome would be on this journey.”


“When you set a goal in your mind, you only see that and there are no insurmountable obstacles that can hold you back. You will always find a solution to pursue your dreams!”

Francesca set out to achieve specific goals so that she wasn’t overwhelmed. “The first goal I set for myself was to complete the first week. I made it through that week with great results, so I set another goal of losing 5lbs over the course of a month,” she explains. Without judging herself, she combined the Vi products with the recommended suggestion of working out 20% of the time to hit her goals.

She started regularly eating breakfast (a practice she wasn’t used to). She says, “Now my healthy breakfast is Vi Crunch with Greek yogurt or Nutra Cookies with tea or a macchiato.”  She ditched her daily habit of a sugary mid-morning snack and replaced it with fruit and half a packet of filling Vi Bites. At dinner time, she has a “free meal” that isn’t part of the Challenge. However, she makes sure that it is filling and healthy!

No Judgments! Only Love!

“I am learning to love myself more and to let go of the past, the negative people, their thoughts and their judgments.”

The Challenge has opened up Francesca’s world and heart in ways that she could have never imagined. By letting go of harsh judgments and embracing optimism she has lost an astounding 28lbs and whittled her body fat down to a healthy 26%!

Today, she regularly participates in yoga, loves shopping for new clothes and encourages other people to try the Challenge! She says, “I fully recommend the Vi products. Unlike other companies, they offer real food rather than supplements. Who else offers mouthwatering snacks and allows you to have chocolate while reaching your goals? Vi helps you build a healthier lifestyle that makes it easy to choose nutritious, filling foods. You have support from the Vi community whenever you have questions or if you’re feeling unmotivated.”

Francesca said it all! You can achieve all your weight-loss goals with the support of the Vi community and a healthy plan that allows you to eat what you love. Francesca is proof positive that you’ll never feel deprived on the Challenge, and you may just discover something new and exciting about yourself.




Disclaimer: Body by Vi Challenge® participants should consider personal circumstances and create reasonable and achievable goals. Vi does not recommend or promote weight-loss goals of more than 2 lbs per week. Vi-Shape® meal replacement shakes are intended to be used as part of a varied calorie-restricted meal plan with regular exercise. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are always fundamental for safety and health. Persons with preexisting medical conditions should consult a health care professional before embarking on any fitness, health or weight-loss program.