“It was the right time. I was looking for something to get me motivated.” – Lara La Volpicella

Timing was everything for Lara. She was settling for a life of negativity, stress and chronic pain when a dear friend introduced her to the Body by Vi products. Lara immediately noticed a change in her body. She had more energy and finally found the motivation she had been looking for.

Consistency is Key

At the start of the Challenge Lara faced a lot of stress and frustration, but she never gave up on her weight-loss journey. In fact, she was able to lose 11 pounds in the beginning of the Challenge with the help of Vi shakes and snacks! For breakfast she ate Vi-Crunch and for lunch and dinner she had Vi-Shape. In between meals, she ate Nutra-cookies and Vi-Bites to curb her cravings and keep her on track!

“There were moments when I thought I wouldn’t reach my goal…but I didn’t want to disappoint myself,” she says. “I created new habits and stuck to the Challenge without ever missing a day.”

How did Lara cope with the rough times during the Challenge? “The most important thing I learned was to never give up! I discovered my inner strength and I learned how to be consistent.”

Regaining Her Sense of Self

More than anything Lara wanted to gain energy, lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The Challenge helped her gain more than she ever imagined!  Lara experienced a life-changing rebirth once she found the Challenge. She says, “I’ve found a new way of life! I’ve changed my body and my mind!”

By following through with the Challenge and sticking to her goals, Lara found a renewed love of herself and life!

“It wasn’t just about being healthy; it was about being reborn! For me, the Challenge has always been about rediscovering myself. Once you rediscover yourself you begin to understand that you’re okay as you are, and you start to get more comfortable with yourself. This Challenge has given me the strength and self-love to face anything!”

“The thing I like the most about losing weight is that I can be confident in my body. I love my body more now.”

Looking Forward

Lara is excited to continue practicing her new healthy habits! She’s looking forward to losing more weight, hitting her goal and seeing where her new outlook on life takes her. We can’t wait to see Lara’s results!


Disclaimer: Results may vary based on each individual’s physical health, diet and exercise. The weight-loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual. These pictures are used by Vi exactly as they were received by the participants and Vi verifies their truthfulness and reliability. A healthy and active lifestyle, a healthy, varied and balanced diet, and a safe reduction in daily caloric intake compared to daily energy expenditure are always necessary to obtain healthy and stable weight loss.