They’ve done it again. Tony and Rhonda Lucero recently added another million dollars to their Vi Career Earnings, having officially hit $5 million since starting with Vi more than a decade ago. As industry veterans, the couple brings as much fresh energy and enthusiasm to the business as they did from the outset.

Paying Life, Health and Prosperity forward is what drives Tony and Rhonda to continue to build their legacy.

“It’s about all the lives we have been able to transform,” says Rhonda.

It’s been a long journey to achieve the kind of success these two have amassed. What stands out most about the couple is their unwavering, positive mindset. Their upbeat outlook draws ambitious new Body by Vi Promoters and Customers to Tony and Rhonda’s business, feeding their pipeline and catapulting them to new heights.


Tony and Rhonda Celebrate Earnings Milestone on Event Stage