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A new member rewards program

What is Vi Prime?

Vi Prime is a new member rewards program designed to help you enjoy all your favorite Vi products with ease and maximize the value of your Monthly Delivery orders by getting free shipping while also earning great rewards and special perks.

Who is eligible?

Vi Prime is a global program open to all Vi Customers and Promoters in all existing markets with a minimum Monthly Delivery order of $125 USD (or $150 CAD or £110).

How does it work?

When you set a Monthly Delivery order of $125 USD (or $150 CAD or £110) worth of Vi products, you’ll automatically earn free shipping on your order every month.

In addition, you’ll also enjoy exclusive rewards, additional perks and access to our 3 for Free Program.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1:

Be a Vi Customer

Step 2:

Have a Monthly Delivery order over $125

Step 3:

Continue to order products and reap the rewards

Here’s Everything You Get:





Initial Monthly Delivery Order



With 2nd consecutive Monthly Delivery



Every 3rd consecutive Monthly Delivery (minimum 90 days)

  • Free Shipping on Monthly Delivery orders.
  • Access to our 3 for Free Program, which offers you free Monthly Delivery orders when you personally enroll 3 Vi Prime Members. Here’s how it works:
    1. Have an Active Vi Prime order
    2. Personally enroll 3 Vi Prime Customers
    3. And then you’ll earn Vi Points every month
  • Free Vi Prime Welcome Kit with your first eligible Vi Prime order. Welcome Kit includes a Vi Shaker Cup and a Vi Tracker Bracelet.
    • Please note: Only available to first time Vi Customers or Promoters.
  • Free Vi Prime Sample Pack with your second consecutive monthly delivery order.
  • Free #ViLife Photobook with your third consecutive monthly delivery order (minimum 90 days) and a new one after every three consecutive months with Vi Prime thereafter.

Launch Timeline

  • Vi Prime Member Rewards Program begins May 1, 2019 for all new Customers & Promoters worldwide.
  • For existing Vi Customers & Promoters with active Monthly Delivery orders, the Premier Customer Discounts will still be applicable until May 31, 2019. After that, all qualifying Vi Customers and Promoters will be automatically transitioned to Vi Prime where all orders above the $125 minimum will come with free shipping
Other Vi Prime Rules & Details
  • A Vi Prime Member must have a paid Monthly Delivery order of $125 USD (or $150 CAD or £110).
    • A paid Monthly Delivery (auto-ship) order is an order that is placed and “Monthly Delivery” is added at the same time, thus making it a recurring order, regardless of the items purchased.
    • One-time orders that are placed do not count even if there is an existing auto-ship on file for the following month.
    • Vi Points can be applied towards payment for Monthly Delivery orders, either in part or in full (excluding taxes).
    • Free shipping applies to Monthly Delivery orders and is for standard shipping only.
      • NEON and NEON Organic Energy Drink are excluded from free shipping offer – heavy shipping surcharge still applies.
  • For Promoters, enrolling an EPS counts as your first Vi Prime order month (but does not include free shipping) that can be applicable towards the Vi Prime Sample Pack and #ViLife Photobook rewards.
  • 3 for Free Program is available exclusively to Vi Prime Members only.
    • For full details on the 3 For Free Program, click here.