Helping Others Liv Better

We believe in leaving communities better than we found them and always showing our “attitude of gratitude” for the experiences we are able to Liv. So we pay it forward in ways that help other communities and families Liv better. 


A portion of the proceeds from Liv List Experiences support our Liv2Giv Program. These unique service-oriented experiences combine travel and volunteering to help communities create self-reliance and sustainability worldwide

Ella’s List

Our “Ella’s List Program” enables members and friends of the Liv Community to help critically ill children check items off their Liv List. Our vision is to help each child Liv incredible experiences as soon as possible.

It started with a little girl named Ella…

The program was inspired by the story of a beautiful, eight-year-old girl named Ella from our Liv Community. One day, she learned about making a “bucket list” in school and then asked her mother to help her create one. The difference between Ella and her classmates was that she had stage 4 terminal brain cancer.

At that point, her mother made it her mission to turn Ella’s Bucket List into a Liv List, so that Ella and her family could experience memorable life moments now, not later.

The Liv Community rallied around Ella’s story and the Liv Founders created an experience that enabled Ella and her family to check an item off her Liv List.

Ella’s story sparked national attention and became a catalyst for the community to help children like Ella check things off their Liv List. And so began the “Ella’s List Program.”


WATCH: Liv Founders Help Ella Check Item Off Liv List

What is The Ella’s List Program?

Ella’s List is a community-driven program that enables Members of the Liv Community to help, through donations and actions, critically ill children across North America and Canada check items off their Liv Lists. As recipients of this “gifting” initiative, these children can enjoy special experiences and moments they’ve dreamed about, but maybe never thought they could achieve. But through Ella’s List, it can be possible.

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