With every flight you purchase through your Liv portal, you are automatically enrolled in the Liv benefit of $200,000 worth of complimentary travel insurance for the trip associated with the flights your purchased through Liv.

The insurance is provided to you at no additional cost by the travel agency that issued your ticket. As the ticket holder, you are covered for accidental loss of life, limbs or sight during a flight for which your ticket was issued.

Description of Applicable Coverage:

  • While you are riding, boarding or flying as a ticketed passenger in a scheduled aircraft provided by a regularly scheduled airline.
  • While you are at the airport or traveling in any licensed, public conveyance to and from the airport in connection with your ticketed flight.
  • While you are riding in any land or water conveyance provided by the airline as a substitute for an aircraft.






The premium for this Travel Accident Insurance is paid for by Liv’s fulfillment partner.