Achieve the rank of Liv. Silver Elite or above to earn a bonus for helping your team members get their membership for free and retain their Customer and Promoter members.

Earn Liv. Free points: Earn 1 point for every Liv. Free point earned within your team.

Retain Customers & Promoters: Earn 15 points for each membership order. (Customers after 3rd month; Promoters after 6th month)

• Must be a Rising Star.

• Earn up to your point qualification and/or Paid Rank.

• Point qualifications follow the Sponsor Tree.

• 60% rule applies when there is another bonus recipient at your bonus level.

• You can only use 60% of the points from that line to qualify for a bonus.

• 40% must be made up through your other lines.

• To be eligible, you must attend the company’s annual National Events