Want to improve your relationship? Hit the road. Get lost together. Do something new.
Traveling helps you connect as a couple. It can give you a common purpose. Even a long weekend can have the same value of taking a long exotic trip. When you spend time with someone you love, being physically close actually produces oxytocin in the body, which relieve stress and anxiety. That’s just one reason to travel together. Here are 10 reasons more.

1. Travel is revealing.
When you explore new places, you discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to complement each other. Since you’re together most of the time, there’s little space for secrets. You have to appreciate your partner the way he or she is.
2. Communication improves.
According to a survey, couples who travel together agree more and have fewer disagreements than couples who don’t travel together. Traveling makes them more understanding and patient with each other.
3. You get better at forgiveness.
Traveling together can lead to one, or both of you making mistakes about a hotel, a trip or activity. When challenges inevitably come up, learning to forgive each other quickly is an incredibly valuable experience.
4. Travel helps you learn together.
When you both discover something together, the experience bonds you. As you both open your minds and hearts to the world in a new way, you can’t help but revel in your shared knowledge and experiences.
5.  Experiencing something new together can be thrilling.
For many people, a moment or event isn’t real until they share it with the person they love. When you experience something new together, the excitement can be instantaneous, and easy to relive. These memories can become the most treasured parts of your lives.
6. You find ways to laugh together.
Sometimes, you find yourselves laughing over silly things— or even if something goes horribly wrong. Whether it’s about the horrible food you just ordered, having a hotel room mix up, or getting lost … laughter helps sustain your happiness.
7.  Liv’ing in the moment can be romantic.
When traveling together, being spontaneous can lead to unexpected moments of beauty. This is why 86% of respondents in a survey of traveling couples said that their relationship still had romance, compared to 73% of respondents who never traveled together.
8. Your sex life improves, too.
According to another survey, couples who travel together have better sex lives than couples who don’t travel. Traveling and working together lessens stress, leaving more time for romance and affection. More than three quarters of those who traveled admitted that they have a good sex life.
9. You renew your best friendship.
Since you primarily only have each other to turn to, you’re able to give more of yourself to each other, which helps you become better friends. This deep connection will help you support each other in times of need.
10. Experiencing freedom together is priceless.
When you travel together, you can’t help but treasure the freedom and independence you get from traveling. When you find comfort in each other’s solitude, privacy and presence, you strengthen your relationship.
Think about the experiences you’d like to share.
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