With more than one billion monthly active users on Instagram and over half of them discovering new products on the social platform, it’s no wonder today’s entrepreneurs are chomping at the bit for the top proven hacks to amass a fast growing base of loyal, engaged followers. In the U.S., 67% percent of Instagram’s users are between the ages of 18 and 29, according to research studies, with some reporting that millennials engage more on social media than in real life.

However, Tyler Sorensen, Colton Winkelman and Jenna Beck are daily proving that engaging in real-life experiences can be a lot more rewarding socially and financially. In fact, as lifestyle entrepreneurs under the age of 25, they’re leveraging Instagram to not only build a seasoned business, but also power a lifestyle movement. Today, they all promote Liv, a new travel lifestyle platform inspiring people to turn their “Bucket List” into a “Liv List” with specially curated local and global experiences to help others fully live today, instead of waiting for ‘someday.’

Since 83% of millennial travelers access social media each day, with nearly half of them active on Instagram, it was only natural that Sorensen, Winkelman and Beck would begin to post pictures on the platform chronicling their Liv experiences and travel adventures. Over time, as their content consistently showed how a dream lifestyle and a dream business could be one in the same, they attracted thousands of followers while growing their business and turning what started as a side gig into a lifestyle career.

“Liv’ing for a Living”

This type of “work” does not confine the three entrepreneurs to the traditional corporate environment; instead, their workplace is essentially the fascinating sites and lands they’ve visited around the world. Their job description would also stray from the conventional, perhaps starting with the words: Experience adventures…

It’s probably no surprise then that on Sorensen’s IG page he describes what he does as “Liv’ing for a Living.” The 23-year-old serial entrepreneur and network marketer from Eau Claire, Wisconsin joined Liv in 2017, excited about helping others get off the couch, live their own life and create real connection among each other. Posting content just came naturally. “I intentionally create moments that matter each day,” he says. “And then, whenever we do epic stuff on our Liv experiences, posting pictures and moments is like sharing highlights from a movie I feel like I had just lived!”


“It’s Possible!”

Winkelman’s IG page also reads like a movie—and just like with Sorensen’s, it’s a real-life one. At age 21, he joined Liv because of the company’s crusade to elevate people’s level of living through experiences instead of things. Now, two years later, the lifestyle entrepreneur from Rome, Wisconsin is helping his 11K+ Instagram followers open their eyes to what’s possible.

“The content I post on Instagram is all about my everyday lifestyle; it’s my story (literally on the Insta story) as a free-spirited entrepreneur, traveler and adventurer,” explains Winkelman. “I post everything from motivational quotes and thoughts, to hiking and kayaking with my dog, to Liv Local and Liv Global Experiences, to plane and road trips. Each Instagram post includes a powerful message in the caption that evokes a specific feeling or emotion and compels people to question just about everything in their life.”


Those messages recently caught the attention of Jenna Beck, a 20-year-old part-time nanny and full-time lifestyle entrepreneur in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was perfect timing because, according to Beck, she had failed at four other network marketing companies and was about to give up on her career as an entrepreneur. However, after following Winkelman’s Instagram for two years, she felt an inner spark. “I love traveling, networking and changing lives, and I realized this was a brand-new business model with a remarkable lifetime opportunity that I was about to throw away. A universal sign was telling me I had to jump on this before it was too late and that it was what I needed to change my life.”

Today, Beck’s IG page is showing her 11K+ followers just how much her lifestyle business is changing her life—and helping others to do the same. “My Liv content is a combination of moments, action shots, and experiences that show my followers how fun life truly can be. I want to teach them that it doesn’t matter your income status, career field, living situation, or financial status… traveling is possible for anyone. All you have to do is create a bucket list (Liv List!) and manifest your dreams into reality.”

Jenn Beck - Liv Promoter and Instagram influencer

@ holisticjennn

This focus on using Instagram to visually communicate the benefits of lifestyle entrepreneurship is also shared by Sorensen and Winkelman. “My goal is to show others what is really possible if they don’t take their precious years, months, even days for granted,” says Sorensen. “And, I want to always remind them that if someone like me is able to do it, they absolutely can!”

Winkelman agrees. “I want to be a light of positivity and wake people up to realize it is possible to live their dream business and to create memorable experiences NOW. No more ‘someday.’ Instagram lets me show people what Liv is all about, which is helping people turn their Bucket List into a Liv List.”

Shifting Mindsets

Through educational and inspirational content, the three young entrepreneurs are helping to shift mindsets and attitudes around the definitions of work and lifestyle. It’s in this way that they’re powering a lifestyle movement, which Beck would tell you means “being able to travel and vacation…create your own hours, establish your income stream, and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, whenever you want.”

She wants to create lifestyle entrepreneurs, teach others to establish financial freedom, and introduce the concept of network marketing. “For those who have already been introduced to network marketing, I’m simply trying to show them how we are changing the traditional reputation of network marketing by teaching people how to Liv life to its fullest!”

Sorensen is also seeing a mindset shift. “People are feeling empowered with the awareness that they truly are the creator of their own life and reality. They are shifting away from the ‘victim mentality’ and taking ownership over their life and the experiences they choose to create. People are realizing that material things are not going to fill their hearts or make them happy, so they are using their resources to travel places and experience things, instead of stockpiling things.”

Leading by Example

Each of their profiles has attracted a steady stream of passionate followers who are inspired to follow their example. It’s raising important questions and starting meaningful conversations about what’s possible.

“I’ve received ‘starstruck’ reactions from many of my followers thinking that my business lifestyle is ‘too good to be true,’ which I feel is the total compliment,” says Sorensen. “I’ve experienced fairly great success being able to inspire others to pursue Liv that will help them create a residual income stream around an elevated way of living.”

The reactions from their followers continue to motivate them. “I get lots of love on social media, with so many people telling me the energy I give off, and what I post, makes their day,” says Winkelman. “The daily messages saying how I have helped shift their mindset, and even saved their life, make me feel alive.”

Adds Beck: “Some of my followers are mind-blown in terms of what I get to do for a living—and they want more info about it! They want to know HOW we are creating this lifestyle movement. Meanwhile I’m teaching courage, how to stay motivated, and how to block out the haters. My followers feed off positive energy, and I can feel that through their engagement and comments on Instagram, and many direct message me wanting to join and become a part of it.”

From Global Movement to Personal Legacy

Directly or indirectly helping millions of people live freely and fully ‘by design’ instead of ‘by default’ is part of the personal legacy that Sorensen, Winkelman and Beck want to create. And, they’ve each been able to find success by using today’s most popular social platform to realize their vision… one Instagram post at a time.