Having a sense of belonging and community with others can positively impact people’s health and well-being. When you get into a rut of loneliness or isolation, it takes a deliberate effort to break out of routine, go outside your comfort zones and make deeper connections.

An easy way to do that is to create or deepen connections through a shared experience. Whether it’s through traveling or a community event, the act of experiencing something with others helps bring you closer together.

And research supports that.

Relationships = Longer & Happier Lives

Good relationships make people happy.

In fact, a 75-yr-old Harvard study has proved that community and relationships help us live longer and be happier. It’s these close relationships, more than money or fame, that keep people happy throughout their lives, and even helping to delay mental and physical decline.

It’s why we’ve created a strong Liv Membership Community comprised of fun, passionate, inspirational and like-minded people who want to elevate the way they live. It’s also why we’ve curated local and global events that provide shared experiences.

Health Benefits, Too

Good relationships lead to better health.

There’s all the social perks to developing relationships and experiencing things together, of course, but there’s many emotional, mental and physical benefits, too, like: increased immunity, a greater sense of empathy, and improved mental and physical health.

According to Harvard Heath, a 2010 study of more than 300K people discovered that a lack of strong relationships increased the risk of premature death from all causes by 50% — an effect on mortality risk roughly comparable to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day, and greater than obesity and physical inactivity.

Also, per the National Institute of Health, a variety of social relationships may help reduce stress and heart-related risks, improve your ability to fight off germs, as well as trigger the release of hormones and brain chemicals that positively impact how we feel.

Extraordinary Curated Experiences Just For You

Whether there’s a place you have always wanted to travel to, or something you’ve always wanted to do, check out Liv’s Local and Global Experiences to find something that is perfect for you. Liv is all about enabling people to connect and create community through shared experiences.

So, get out of your routine, meet and connect with others, and experience the world around you. Travel is so much more than just seeing the sights; it brings you closer to so many inspirational others for lifetime benefits and memories.

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