Let’s face it: We live in a society obsessed with always having the latest and greatest things. These things can be anything from houses, cars, clothes and money, to gadgets, tools and trophies. But, what would happen if we switched from chasing possessions, to chasing experiences instead… or switching from holding onto the tangible, to inspiring the memorable?

It turns out a lot would happen—and all of it positive, according to recent research studies. For example, Cornell University and the Journal of Consumer Research found that spending money on experiences is more likely to bring you lasting happiness than spending money on material objects.

If you’re fortunate enough to have money left over after your everyday expenses, make sure you’re spending it on a life well spent. While some people buy things to bring them happiness or to reward themselves for success, the payoff is only temporary.

However, experiences help shape who we become; they form part of our identity, absorbing what we have seen, what we have done, and the places we have been.

As Liv Co-Founder & President, Blake Mallen once said:

“Our life is a collection of the experiences we choose to create.”

While buying the latest gadget won’t change who you are, taking a trip across the world to experience a different environment and culture will. The difference is that people tend to “adapt” to physical objects and as time goes by, one’s happiness about those things decreases; however, one-off experiences will continue to elevate levels of joy even long after the event ended.

So, what collection of experiences are you creating?

At Liv, we have already curated some for you. Here’s some:

Liv Iceland

Liv Iceland will be the adventure of a lifetime!

Experience the magical Aurora Borealis and kick back in the famous Blue Lagoon.

Liv Greece

Liv Greece: Island Hopping will be the adventure of your life!

Island hop across two of the most mythical Greek isles: Santorini and Crete.

Liv2Giv Vietnam: Voluntour

Liv2Giv Vietnam is a wonderful opportunity to explore a beautiful land while at the same time giving back to those in need.

Immerse yourself in a Vietnamese village while volunteering in the local community.

To make memories that you’ll never forget, invest your time into new places and new experiences. It’s all about living your life, your way.

At Liv, we’re on a mission to elevate people’s level of living—and that won’t come through material things. Enriched life experiences will grow and stretch you as a person, while leading to deeper connections with others. And as the old saying goes: Things will come and go, but memories will last a lifetime.

Start adding extraordinary experiences to your Liv List today!

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