Imagine for a few seconds escaping the everyday hustle to vacation in Costa Rica. Doesn’t that mental visual just make you feel AMAZING?

Yeah, it did for us too, which is why we curated an extraordinary Costa Rica Experience that will give you everything you can imagine…and probably more.

After all, Costa Rica has been noted as the ‘World’s Happiest Country,’ according to the Happy Planet Index. That alone is a fantastic reason to experience Costa Rica—the Liv way, of course. The country also has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, which means you’d be extending your life just by going!

But, we’ll go ahead and throw in five more reasons why Costa Rica should be top of your Liv List.

#1 – It’s an ecological paradise

Costa Rica is home to a colorful mix of lush rain forests, jungles, waterfalls, toucans, monkeys, iconic beaches, snorkeling and sunsets—and contains nearly six percent of the world’s biodiversity. One word: Paradise. And you’ll be playing and relaxing right in the thick of it. There’s a reason why Costa’s Rica’s unofficial national slogan is “pura vida” (pure life).

#2 – Stay in relaxing villas & resort spas

If home is where you lay your head, your homes (plural!) on this experience will be in the middle of a rain forest and then on the breathtaking beach of a surf town.

#3 – Fall in love with authentic cuisine & culture

Your palate will thank you by the end of your five-day experience, with farm-to-table dining, a buffet in the middle of an eco-park, and culinary delights at local hotspots. Nom nom nom.

#4 – Jungle & sea adventures are all around you

Remember all those unbridled adventures (and energy!) you had as a kid? This unique experience provides the ultimate in jungle and water play—from ATV riding, wildlife viewing, tree planting, waterfall exploring and hiking, to all types of beach activities, and snorkeling.

#5 – There’s only a limited time offer before this experience expires

The good news is this Experience has now ACTIVATED! It will sell out though, so if you want to go then click the link below and pledge today!