When Liv Iceland was planned and announced, we had no doubt it would be a remarkable Experience. Indeed, it proved to be quite a bit more than that. Against the icy backdrop of Nature–in all of its grandeur and majesty–Liv Members came together in the spirit of fun and adventure and warmed themselves with the spark of Community.

Everyone will forever remember chasing after the elusive Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), trying to capture the perfect picture to bring home. It was more challenging than we thought! And who could forget the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, with its milky-blue, curative waters?

Many were impressed when–seemingly out of nowhere–a mobile BBQ popped up and fired up the grill! The burgers hit the spot though, didn’t they? And lest we forget, that dune buggy adventure left us drenched but with a lifetime of memories.

All of this was only enhanced by the icy frost (brrrrrrrrr) and the natural splendor that surrounded us: waterfalls, geysers, powerful winds, ancient volcanoes, and mountains offered the perfect setting for our Liv Members to have the trip of a lifetime.

Here’s What Some of our Members Had to Say About Their Favorite Moments:

“My favorite Liv moment was driving the dune buggies in the wind and rain to the top of the mountain and along the Atlantic coast! It was an experience I’ll never forget!”

“Standing in a field – dreaming of our future Liv Members – we don’t know their names, their story or their needs but we know Liv will change their lives in the way THEY NEED IT!”

“Standing in the ‘mist’ overlooking the waterfalls.”

“The Blue Lagoon, but the golden circle tour was a close 2nd.”

There is no doubt…every Member had a wonderful time! Yes, the spirit of fun and adventure pulsed through everyone. What truly stood out, however, was the sense of Community that this Experience evoked in everyone. We were not merely individual Members on a winter trip…we were also a collective family of explorers encountering the strength of Nature together. Given the smaller crowd, the intimate setting, and power of the elements, people naturally gravitated towards connecting with one another and forming special bonds.

About the Sense of Community, Members Remarked:

“Great Group! Didn’t have enough time to get to meet and know everyone but enjoyed everyone. Fun Group. Just the right size!”

“I felt like I could and did talk to anyone from the group at any given time and have a pleasant conversation. People were genuinely interested in how you are and what you were doing.”

“It was amazing to build natural relationships & connections!”

“From the very beginning of the LIV experience I immediately felt welcomed and genuinely accepted by EVERYONE at ALL times… and that’s an extraordinary feeling for someone with an introverted personality, like myself.”

Liv Iceland perfectly captured the Liv mission: Community, fun & adventure, and leaving places better than we found them (Liv2Giv).

For those of you who experienced Liv Iceland, we thank you for joining us in creating these moments! We look forward to seeing the rest of you on one of our many 2019 Liv List Experiences!