Get off your couch or office chair, grab a raft, a beer and a friend (or two), and get ready for some wilderness playtime in the “Outdoor Playground of the West.”

We’ll all be in Oregon this August for one magical Experience in the Great Outdoors. These three days are brimming– literally – with the finest brews and the epitome of what it means to be Wet n Wild.

Did You Know?

Before diving into this Experience, here are some neat facts about Bend, Oregon:

  • It’s in the high desert at the bottom of multiple mountains—basically, one big ole’ backyard playground.
  • It’s home to the fifth-largest craft brewery in the world (Deschutes), although you might not notice it with more than 24+ craft breweries around. (There are also wine tasting rooms for all you Vino enthusiasts.)
  • Bend was mostly built on the remains of old volcanic activity, which means lava rock are found all around.
  • There’s no sales tax in Oregon 😊

Your Liv Experience: What’s on Tap

After a long work week, it’ll be good to escape to the wilderness, where a warm social reception (and local beer tasting) await!

Liv Oregon brings you tons of great beer tasting. Little known secret: Bend, Oregon has tons of local breweries.

That liquid courage (along with your life jacket) will come in handy as you hop in a raft with your fellow Liv adventurists and partake in some epic whitewater rafting down the river. Oar, anyone?

Tip: Hold on tight.

You'll get to explore nature's playground as we hike through Oregon

The next day you’ll experience Nature’s beauty as you hike through Oregon’s backyard for three to five miles of wilderness wonderment.

Thirsty for more? Since you’ll likely burn off all the beer you had the day before, we’ll be providing a fun Fill’er Up opportunity for you to hydrate, refresh and close out the event with a farewell friend reception while serving up…yes, more beer.

Interested in this Liv Oregon Experience?

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Event Dates: August 16th – 18th, 2019