At Liv, we recognize that what makes life great is the moments we create together, rather than mere things and possessions. Yes, experiences and living your life your way are part of our mantra, but no less important is the act of giving back.

So when the Woolsey Fires hit Malibu, CA, late last year, Liv felt compelled to take immediate action–Liv felt compelled to give.

The Woolsey Fires brought unprecedented devastation to the area. Damage to homes, property, and the surrounding area can be quantified, it’s true–but the damage to people’s lives (many of whom lost everything and were uprooted) and well-being has no measure.

To this end, and in an effort to bring at least a small stream of relief, Liv partnered with YOU, our Community, and YOU helped contribute to the relief efforts. The result? You helped contribute 2,820 meals to the Malibu Foundation, and provided yet another example of your commitment to supporting communities and giving backThe Foundation was created to support the community of Malibu and its neighbors as they work to rebuild after the Woolsey Fires.

While we understand that our contribution is but a small part of a larger effort at rebuilding, we–just like you–are nonetheless committed to continuing our efforts to give back. Click here to learn more about our commitment to giving back, including our Liv2Giv program.

To Liv is to Giv. Thank you!