One of the things we hear over and over again from our Community is that the Liv2Giv portion of our Global Experiences is one of their favorite parts of the entire trip. It somehow becomes even more rewarding than they had originally envisioned. Every time. So we took note.

We are incredibly excited to present our very first Liv2Giv Voluntour Experience! Liv2Giv Vietnam will offer Liv Members the opportunity to get immersed into the culture while also servicing the local community in the natural beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. To help us through this journey, we enlisted two of our most kind-hearted and enthusiastic Liv Members who have been on a couple of our Liv List Global Experiences now: Becky Komant and Kimberley Stefanski.

Becky and Kimberly have been Liv Members since January of this year and have actually known each other for the past nine years. We felt they had the right combination of experience and spirit to help make Liv2Giv Vietnam everything we want it to be. We recently caught up with our co-hosts to discuss Liv and this upcoming Experience.

What has been your favorite Liv List Experience thus far and why?

Becky Komant: My favorite Liv List Experience has been London. I have always wanted to spend some time there. Travelled through a few times, but never made it outside the airport…lol. I love the architecture and the culture. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the cathedrals. The people there were so incredibly nice. I love that there is lots to see and do. Loved the theatre so much, we had to catch a second show! Definitely will be going back!

Kimberley Stefanski: Favorite Liv list Experience…that’s a tough one. So far, I’ve been to Cancún and London. Both amazing for different reasons.

What about Liv Vietnam are you most excited for?

BK: I am so excited for all of the Vietnam experiences! Getting to stay in a small Vietnamese village and not only experience the countryside and culture but also help rebuild homes is going to be an amazing and heart-warming experience. I can’t wait to meet the people. I know when we leave, they will understand what our Liv Community is all about! We leave communities better than we found them. ❤️ Giving back with Liv2Giv is my favorite part of Liv! Having a son who is a cancer survivor, this is really emotional for me. He was granted a wish through the Children’s Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was beautiful. I always give back as much as I can. Our entire family does. 🙏❤️ This is what excites me the most! Getting to do this with people I love is icing on the cake!

KS: Liv Vietnam excites me because it’s a Liv2Giv trip and it spoke to my heart. I truly think everyone should experience a trip that is about giving back some time in their lifetime. I am so looking forward to doing just that!

Outside of the planned activities and excursions, what else are you aiming to do in Vietnam?

BK: I don’t have any plans other than our scheduled activities in Vietnam. I will go with the flow! But a few of us are visiting Thailand after!

KS: Honestly, I just want to take in the culture and the beauty of what Vietnam has to offer. I have heard it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Why do you think other Liv Members should pledge for Liv Vietnam?

BK: Why pledge? There is nothing more rewarding than giving back. This Liv2Giv Vietnam Experience allows you to see the beauty of the countryside and see parts of Vietnam not regularly visited by tourists. Combine that with volunteering, it’s a win-win! Let’s go rebuild and renovate houses together! Imagine the joy we will bring to those families ❤️.

KS: We encourage other Liv Members to pledge as this will be the first Liv List Experience that almost entirely revolves around Liv2Giv and it really does reflect the heartbeat of our community! Giving back is so important for any business and any person. It’s truly something that will impact a heart for a lifetime.

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