Liv San Diego was a spectacular success! We took over an aircraft carrier, partied on a private yacht across the San Diego Bay, and rocked out to Journey and Def Leppard. Who does that? We do!

We also introduced some of the highlights of our 2019 Calendar of Experiences—including Greek Island Hopping, Machu Picchu, and Bali!
That’s just the beginning though…

We Just Added a Ton of Value for New September Members

Liv is committed to adding value to all of its Members. Here are some new offers.


We’re all about continuing to add value to our Members, not only through unforgettable Experiences, but also through deals and savings. That said, we just rolled out some game changers for you.

Jet Set on a Budget With Liv Travel Hotels

Liv is helping Members save money every time they stay at a hotel. You simply cannot find a better price. Guaranteed.

How’s this for value? All Access Members can now enjoy Member Savings on Liv Travel Hotels, where you’ll be able to get the lowest prices available. Guaranteed. If you find a better deal anywhere else, we’ll not only match it, we’ll beat it. Let that sink in for a second. It’s that good.
Got Coins sitting around? All Members can now use Liv Coins towards Liv Travel Hotel Reservations! Ka-Ching!
Are you planning on traveling and staying in a hotel any time in the next year? Of course you are. You may as well save some cheese while you’re at it, right? Would you prefer Gouda or Brie?

It Gets Gooder—New Travel Hotel Credit for New Members

New Liv Members now get travel hotel credits when they enroll in September.

When you become a Liv Member in September (or if you already enrolled as a new Member in September), you automatically activate Hotel Credits. Here is the breakdown:
New Access Members
  • Enroll as an Access Member for $39 with activation
  • Automatically receive $40 in Hotel Credits
New Premier Members
  • Enroll as a Premier Member for $99 with activation
  • Automatically receive $100 in Hotel Credits
  • Receive an additional $50 Hotel Credits every month after that
New VIP Members
  • Enroll as a VIP Member for $199 with activation
  • Automatically receive $200 in Hotel Credit
  • Receive an additional $100 Hotel Credits every month after that
If you’re keeping score, that means that if you’re a Premier or VIP Member, you’ll get more in Hotel Credit alone than what you’ll pay for in membership every month. And you’ll of course get all of the other great benefits of being a Liv Member.

Save Money With Liv Deals

Save tons of money with Liv Deals.

Liv Deals is now available to Access Members! Access Members can redeem up to 5 deals per month; every month. Premier and VIP Members continue to get unlimited access to Liv Deals.
Download our Liv Deals Mobile App and get daily discounts and special offers on thousands of brands you love and use every day. You’re already doing it—you may as well save some money while you’re at it.
Chat soon Rockstars,