Here’s something you already know: you don’t always get second chances in life. Sometimes it’s one and done.

Until today!

Introducing our 2nd Chance Rising Star promo for the month of June!

As a Liv Promoter, you have the unique opportunity to help others live their life their way. You are part of a global movement that believes the moments we create in life (“Experiences”) are far more valuable than ‘things.’

Here’s the skinny: If you have never hit Bronze Level (high rank), you now have a second chance at hitting Rising Star. The same rules apply: to become a Rising Star you must be an active Promoter member and a) Enroll 3 Active Promoters + achieve 2,000 GQV or b) Enroll 3 Personal Customers + achieve 2,000 GQV.

In addition to a second chance at Rising Star, we’re offering you an added bonus structure (just in time for all that summer spending):

  • Hit Rising Star by Thursday, June 13th and get a $200 BONUS + 60 Liv Coins
  • Hit Rising Star by Thursday, June 20th and get a $100 BONUS + 60 Liv Coins
  • Hit Rising Star by Thursday, June 27th and get a $50 BONUS + 60 Liv Coins
  • Hit Rising Star by June 30th and earn 60 LIV COINS

The sooner you hit Rising Star, the bigger the bonus. So get out there and we’ll see you at the finish line!

And don’t forget…if you hit Bronze Elite or higher, you also qualify for the Level Up to Las Vegas Promo, which would earn you a Free Trip to Liv Las Vegas. Do you see Las Vegas in your future?

Chat soon!