Quick Note: The normal pledge period for Liv San Diego is now CLOSED. For those who already pledged, Buddy Passes are still available until we reach capacity. Yes, you have to be a Liv member for a Buddy Pass (can be ACCESS). For Buddy Passes, you must call 256-LIV-TEAM or email support at info@livmembers.com. There are only a few seats remaining for Liv San Diego Plus!

Got Buddies? Introducing Our New Buddy Passes

Now that you’ve pledged to Liv San Diego (woo hoo), you can purchase a Buddy Pass at a heavily discounted rate. Buddy Passes will let you bring your friends, family members, or that coworker whose food you’re always eating. There is no limit on the amount of Buddy Passes you can purchase. However, Buddy Pass purchases must be purchased at the same Experience level of your pledge and can only be used by Liv Members or members of your household. If you have a guest outside of your household that isn’t currently a Liv Member, please have them sign up at any level so they can use the Buddy Pass.
To purchase Buddy Passes, simply call 256-LIV-TEAM. They are available beyond the ending of the pledge date, but they are on a first-come, first-serve basis until the event has reached capacity. Capacity is limited so be sure to act fast! Remember, there is no limit.

Got Liv Coins Sitting Around?

It must be Christmas because we just keep giving! If you have Liv Coins sitting around, why not put them to work? You can use them towards your purchase of Buddy Passes.
Buddy Pass Pricing
Liv San Diego: $150  (or 30 Liv Coins)
Liv San Diego PLUS: $250  (or 50 Liv Coins)
Reminder: Buddy Passes must be purchased at the same Experience level of your original pledge. That’s it! We’ll see you all in San Diego! Don’t stop believing baby!