Refer 3  Liv Members in one calendar month and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits and privileges that come with your Liv Membership for FREE. And as long as all 3 of your customers remain active members, your Liv Membership will continue to be FREE every month!*
Remember, the only thing better than elevated access and extraordinary experiences is getting them for free! So go spread the word and show them how to Liv!
*Your three referrals must be active and must have a membership level that is equal to or greater than your level of membership in order for you to receive your membership for free. Alternatively, if you are referring Customer Members that are lower than your membership level, you can still qualify to get your free membership by referring a minimum of 3 customers with a total qualifying volume (QV) of at least 3x your membership level. For example, if you’re a VIP Member, you would need 99×3 = 297 QV. So if you referred 1 VIP Member (99), 2 Premier Members (49×2), and 12 Access Members (9×12), you would have a total of 298 QV, which would make your VIP Membership free.