Hey Rockstars, everyone is primed and ready for San Diego (or San Diaaago, to quote a famous anchorman)—so we got to thinking, why not bring more friends along for the fun? After all, Liv is about experiences and connecting with people in a meaningful way. The more, the merrier, right?
So we created the perfect opportunity to help you get any warm prospects in your pipeline across the finish line. It’s a little extra incentive to motivate them to join. Now’s a great time to ring them up and tell them all about it: “Hey John, I have some good news for you…”
Special Offer: When you enroll a new Promoter in September, they will get free access to our National Liv2Learn event on September 22-23.
They’ll inevitably ask, what is Liv2Learn?
Liv2Learn is a powerful business seminar designed for entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are looking to make a breakthrough in their life and business.
Your prospects will learn how to take the next step in life and business and set themselves up for greater success—success is always in style. Tweet that. They will also have exclusive access to our fearless leaders, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen, as they distill and dispense their invaluable knowledge and experience in a private setting.

Liv2Learn is right for your prospects if they:

  • Want to start a business
  • Want to grow their existing business and make it profitable
  • Want to learn to sell
  • Want to meet and connect with thriving and successful people who are actively working on their goals
  • Want to meet and learn from real entrepreneurs who have built billion dollar businesses
  • Need support and motivation to get across their finish line; whatever that may be
  • Need a platform in which they can execute what they have learned
  • Want to be surrounded by a community of winners and hustlers
  • Want to learn the secrets of being a successful entrepreneur (this is the stuff you won’t find online)
So reach out to your warm prospects and let them know that now is the perfect time to join the family. We’ll see you and them in San Diego!
Chat soon Rockstars,


P. S. Right-click the image below, download it, and save it. Now you can share it with your prospects! You’re welcome 🙂
Liv2Learn is a two day business boot camp in San Diego